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4 star Fringe review:

With an instrumental repertoire that draws on King Of Swing Benny Goodman's bandbook, Django Reinhardt's 1940s setlists and the Glenn Miller Band and with singer Ali Affleck contributing songs from the jollier end of the Billie Holiday canon, Dick Lee's Swingtet might appear on paper to capture a certain, bygone jazz age.

Lee, however, is such a spontaneous musician that items such as Reinhardt's Cavalerie, written for clarinet in the absence of his regular partner, violinist Stephane Grappelli, and showing a certain Arabian influence, spring forth as if being created in the moment.

In other Fringe shows at the same venue, Lee will be demonstrating his prowess on some of the many other reed and wind instruments at his disposal. Here he concentrates on clarinet and bass clarinet, playing with craft, imagination and not a little mischief and with two guitars and bass accompaniment that is entirely simpatico.

Guitarist Tom Davis, like Lee, can slip an unlikely but somehow apt quotation into a solo and his cool, precise playing is a terrific asset generally but all the more so in the smart, perfectly in unison guitar and clarinet lines that are a feature of Lee's arrangements.

Jazz musicians often get criticised for - apparently - playing only for themselves but Lee's presentation, which includes introducing his wife, Anne, on very effective alto flute and, here at least, an old friend, Bill Jones on trombone, is entirely geared towards keeping the customer satisfied and entertained.

Dick Lee's Swingtet

Fringe performances during August 2015 - click  here for full details of these and many more.

Dick Lee's Swingtet are:

Dick Lee

saxes, clarinets and recorders

Mike Nisbet
electric guitar

Marcus Ford
acoustic guitar

Owen MacDonald
double bass

Alison Affleck
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